Anal. Biochem 2002, 303, 42-48.

Enzyme-Based Sensor Arrays for Rapid Characterization of Complex Disaccharide Solutions

T. E. Curey, M. A. Salazar, P. Oliveira, D. J. Javier, P. J. Dennis, P. Rao, J. B. Shear

An enzyme-based sensor array has been developed to detect multiple disaccharides in aqueous solutions. Porous agarose beads, derivatized with enzymes for assaying disaccharides, are localized within wells etched into a silicon chip in a regular 5 x 7 array. Each well is individually addressable and acts as a microanalysis chamber where sample solution passes through the agarose matrix and is exposed to the enzymes. Detection is achieved by observing the increase in absorbance of a quinoneimine dye produced during the reaction. This technique is used to quantify the disaccharides lactose, sucrose, and maltose and the monosaccharide glucose. Preexisting glucose in the sample complicates multicomponent sensing but can be accounted for by including a glucose sensor in the array. This detection strategy is applied to the simultaneous analysis of these sugars in several beverages. (c)2002 Elsevier Science (USA).

PubMed | Anal. Biochem.